More than thirty years ago, the Jefferson County Medical Foundation Trust began operating a “doctors’ exchange” medical-only answering service to physicians in Birmingham, Alabama.  Over the years our answering service client-base has expanded across the State of Alabama.  We now answer calls for approximately 3,000 individuals representing every medical specialty.  All of our operators are located in Birmingham and specifically trained to handle the unique needs of medical calls.  Supervisors are on-site 24/7 to ensure your calls are processed appropriately.  Our senior staff has 100 years of combined experience in answering medical calls.

Personalized Account Options
We offer both live answer as well as auto-attendant plans to fit your practice’s needs.  You can customize the auto-attendant greeting to convey routine information such as office hours, inform your patients about refill policies, etc.  You can also personalize the script our operators use on your account to ensure that they obtain all the information you want when a patient, staff member or another physician calls.

On-Call Schedule Maintenance
Our supervisors maintain the monthly on-call schedules you send via facsimile or mail.  They can also change the on-call person, manner of contact, locations or call swaps as requested via phone.  In addition, we offer “Online On-Call", a secure, web-based service that enables you to access your on-call schedule to make desired changes.  If you want, you can also grant multiple employees access to view your on-call schedule from any computer, pda, smartphone or other device with internet access.

Delivery Options
Messages can be delivered via digital or alphanumeric pagers, text capable cellular phones, pdas, telephone calls or any other desired method.  Routine office messages can be delivered via fax, telephone or e-mail. 

Our practice is to verify all calls—without any additional charge for this service.  Unless a client chooses not to use this service, after a message has been transmitted to a physician or other person on-call, an operator will later call the patient (or other initial caller) back to confirm that the patient’s call has been returned.  Patients LOVE this personalized attention!!  Verification can minimize your potential exposure by helping to ensure that all calls are returned and all messages are delivered. 

All of our inbound and outbound calls are digitally recorded and archived.  If a question regarding a call arises, we can send you a recording of the initial and any follow-up calls.  We can also forward copies of any messages delivered on each account.  Additional, customizable call reports are also available upon request. 

For more information about our answering services, please contact Mary Whitehead at 205-933-8601 or  Please note:  If you require same day response, please call rather than sending an e-mail message.

Employment Opportunities
On occasion an opening will be available for an answering service operator on the 3 p.m.-11 p.m. shift. Weekend and holiday work is required of all operators.  If you are interested in applying in the event a position becomes available, click here.